Zuicho Tokyo Experience 

Zuicho offers an immersive and interactive Japanese culinary experience centered around refined “kappo” cuisine. Kappo, literally meaning ‘to cut and to cook,’ is a multi-course, multi-sensory meal that is curated entirely by the chef, emphasizing the freshness of ingredients and the closeness between the chef and his guests.

The restaurant’s environment is the perfect portal to experience entertaining Japanese dining culture. A beverage list of wine and sake has been curated to perfectly complement the ever-changing seasonal menu courses. 


Zuicho offers course options, consisting of the finest ingredients sourced from all over Japan.

Premium Omakase course 41,800 Yen
Omakase course 30,800 Yen
Tasting course 22,000 Yen

15% Service Charge will be applied.

For any dietary restrictions, please inform us in advance.
We do not accommodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, halal.

Kappo Cuisine

A master kappo chef has a command of diverse cooking methods, a deep understanding of the seasonality and quality of ingredients, prioritizes presentation, and carefully curates the order of each dish in the meal.
Kappo diners enjoy a mixture of both raw and cooked dishes as they observe and interact with the chefs throughout the meal.